We will have an official wedding and a “ shadow wedding”…certainly an unparalleled wedding journey.

2 October 2016

Luca and Claudia, a really fantastic couple. I still remember when we met…I seemed that I was having to sit an exam, with Luca throwing questions at me and staring into my eyes; while Claudia tried to put me at ease. They eventually opened up to me and I can tell you it was well worth the trouble. They are truly an exceptional couple.
They were undecided at the beginning about where to celebrate their wedding, they eventually opted for Casina Poggio della Rota about an hour from Rome. The venue is very beautiful and is suitable for weddings with many guests; one of its highlights is that you can celebrate a civil wedding in its gardens, and this was a fundamental aspect for this couple. Giving guests the possibility of not having to travel by car between the ceremony and the reception which is always a nice gift. They had in mind the idea that it was a simple party, not tiring and above all not stressful.
It was a beautiful autumn day: October 2nd 2016…With the couple we arrived at the villa early in the morning. Claudia with Orietta had closed themselves in a room for the makeup and hair styling session, while I accompanied Luca around the villa so that he could supervise everything. Apollinare Catering moved with skill in the halls and gardens to set up tables and buffets whilst the florist took care of the flowers and decorations. Chiara Ridolfi from Nabis was capturing the event the whole time giving us some splendid shots, of which I have chosen a selection which truly capture this splendid day.
I loved organising this wedding, I had fun meeting the families of the couple and going around Umbria to taste delicacies before the couple chose the caterers. In the morning some clouds danced around and tried to conquer the sky, but the sun persevered and won over the day. As the bride finished getting ready, guests sipped a drink before the ceremony, which took place at 11am in the garden of the villa and was officiated by the State Officer of the Municipality of Bassano Romano. After the ceremony, the newlyweds embraced relatives and friends before leaving for the park and taking some photos alone. In the meantime, the buffets had been set up in the halls and then the tables for the wedding dinner, set off by the burgundy colour of the table arrangements. I had suggested several ideas to Claudia but this colour always returned and so it became the lead of the show!
A very amusing anecdote linked to this wedding was the table football tournament: there were teams, prizes and rules to follow and a referee to quell the conflicts. The newlywed’s bough a table football table and had it delivered to the villa and then after brought it back to their house in the countryside. After a week, the famous “shadow wedding” was organised.