Veronica Regis Wedding Planner is synonymous with reliability, professionalism, elegance and friendship. I travel around Italy in search of the perfect location for my bride and groom; each region has its own peculiarities and brides and grooms who choose Italy for their wedding have a wide range of options to choose from. Rome, Tuscany, Umbria, Lake of Como, Amalfi coast, Cinque Terre, Puglia, Sicily are the most venue requested by the couples!
I create each wedding in a unique way, without pre-packaged options, but by tailoring each ceremony and reception to each couple. In addition, as a Wedding Designer I carefully design every aspect of the arrangements, working together on projects with my florists and printers to fully capture the wishes of my Bride and Groom.

Trusting in me, is not a luxury for the few!

It’s the details that make the difference!
In planning each wedding, I ask my Bride and Groom many questions…about as many as I receive! It’s important for me to understand what the Bride and Groom like, the mood or theme they invision for their big day and if there is a budget to work with.
How many guests do you expect or will be an elopement?
What type of ceremony would you like?
What will be the style of your reception?
Is there a colour scheme?
How do you imagine your big day?
In which season do u want get married?
Where in Italy do u prefer exchange your vows?

And these are only the beginning…

I created my agency in 2006 and since then it has grown, as well as I have developed as a wedding planner and designer. I have become more passionate year after year and the emotion of it all has never died out, but yet is strengthened marriage after marriage.
I have a team of experts with whom I work and collaborate with to make your dreams come true. Thanks to the relationships I have with my Brides and Grooms, I create a project that can make their big day unique, personalising every detail and avoiding making everything impersonal with pre-packaged options. My suppliers have been chosen based on their great reputations and desirability. You cannot improvise, you have to rely on a team of experts that you know will perform the job to your exact specifications. From the choice of flowers to the composition of the arrangements; from the most complicated installations to the most original set ups. Every detail must be carefully taken care of and this is why I selected by dream team and it is with them that I love to work, because I know that nothing will be left to chance.

Couples can trust in me at any stage of the planning of their wedding. Most write to me from the beginning, looking for help and advice, others prefer to work alone and call me to coordinate only on the day you actually say YES, enjoying it without any further stress.
I personally take care of supervising every aspect of the planning and organisation. Every couple is free to choose each service offered and suggested…I believe very much in flexibility, and I have chosen to work with locations or suppliers who believe in that as much as I do! Brides and Grooms but Brides, change their mind up until the last moment and it can be difficult when other people put a spanner in the works or do not agree with the Bride and Grooms plans.
I always try to keep myself up to date so that I can give ideas to brides who don’t have a clear vision of what they want, but who search the web in hope of some enlightenment. I love Pinterest and I have to say that I have changed the way that I work since using it. In my Pinterest account you can find many folders divided by topics, styles, colours...and many of these are created and shared with my brides ( and for those who decide not to reveal anything, the folders are secret and allow me not to spoil the effect of surprise).
It is from here that the projects are born; from the photos that pile up sometimes even in a disjointed way,  I manage to draw out a common thread between the flowers, the decorations and the arrangements. In this way I deliver my proposal to the couple (to the bride, because couple who take joy in doing this together are rare) and then I go to the florist, the typographer, the photographer and the chef!

I repeat it is a team effort. The couple will not arrive on the wedding day unaware of what they will see and will have….my task is to achieve what is required of me while respecting the budget. I always notice with pleasure that I am often asked: “But what do you think, how do you see it?” This always shows me that we have been able to create a relationship of trust…trusting me to organise your day and trusting my opinion are two different things, and it’s not always said that both are achieved in every wedding. I have gained a lot of experience in these past years, but I realise after every wedding I go home with another pearl of wisdom.