The passion and love for all that is beautiful, the desire to do more and always better, has pushed me to become a Wedding Designer, so that I able to assist with all floral decorations and arrangements by being in the forefront along with my florists, allowing me to stay always connected. Also, thanks to the help of printers and graphic designers.
I have tried to learn from the best, I study and observe without fail those that are better than me at creating dreams that allow us to be become fully immersed in.
Sometimes it is easy to make my couples understand my ideas, because I can find similar ones online. But other times, when my idea is the result of an intuition which combines several elements together, then there comes the classic and simple drawing with coloured pencils…thanks to that I am able to make the couple understand what type of setup I had thought of for their ceremony or reception.

The Mirror Hall at Villa Cora; florist Claudia Sessa
Hydrangeas, peonies, lisianthus: total white at Villa Cora
Candles and chandeliers at Villa Cora. Luxury set up

There are florists that I love In particular, one of these is my florist from Florence, Claudia Sessa, who with her painstaking patience works with me on all the weddings in Tuscany. Capable of working in a range of styles from country, vintage and luxury. I trust in her and her whole team. She always understands what I need, what I would like, presenting me with the best solutions for any challenge.

Set up details at Vignamaggio
Peonies, Juliet rose, lisianthus, eringium and spray roses at Vignamaggio
Grapes, blackberries and silver at Vignamaggio
Symbolic ceremony at Vignamaggio
Vintage set up at Vignamaggio
With Claudia Sessa and Orietta Occhiuzzi

In Umbria and beyond I trust in Antonella Cricchi with whom I can equally create country-style projects perfect for country weddings. She is able to understand what is going on in my head, taking this and combining with her inspiration to create set up’s chosen and approved by couples. With her team she moves and follows me around Umbria and Lazio.

Autumnal bouquet
Aromatic herbs, tins and candles in the jars
With Antonella Cricchi at Tragliata
David Austen roses, blackberries and dahlies
Bridal bouquet
Autumnal arrangements

There are many splendid accounts to follow on Instagram that are a continuous source of inspiration for me… one that I particularly love and with whom I can’t wait to work with is called Nina e i Fiori. I love their style and attention to detail, these light and impalpable creations, the use of different materials combined and assembled together create always magical atmospheres; also, the choice of flowers, never cliched or obvious. Along the same lines, I follow the work of La Rosa Canina who every time manages to make me fall in love with their creations. I would also recommend to you Style Me Pretty and Love my Dress and I am happy to say that on the latter’s website the wedding of Giorgia e Josè has been published. I organised this in the Abbey of Sant’Andrea in Flumine, at the gates of Rome…look how beautiful!

Floral crown, bouquet and buttonhole
Country chic details
Mise en place
Luggage and almonds
Different seating map
Almonds and chamomile

Over the years, even brides have become more attentive to the appearance of flowers and decorations; the photographers themselves have specialised in capturing these details, hoping they will end up online on the most popular industry sites. Pinterest also help us a lot, and it certainly allows us to save the photos that inspire us most in our bulletin board and then from those, by sorting them, arrive at a project that will make your wedding unique. This is the aspect of my job that I find more fun and exciting; the one where finally my imagination and inspiration are free to run while the brain detaches itself from the bureaucracy, from the documents for the ceremony, from the SIAE practices to dedicate myself to the world of dreams. It is however important to understand, if the dreams that the couples have are in line with the budget, they have available.
Do you know how much you need to do to create the make-up look which appears all natural, but in reality, behind the scenes take time and skill? Right, so even the arrangements that look like you have just put two vases there and four candles, in reality they have time and thought behind them. The simple choice of flowers…if we pay attention, we will notice that there are not only two types of roses and a little green. No there are a myriad of flowers, some even very special, to give that sense of natural flow to very organic compositions that want to look like a bouquet of flowers caught in a field and put in a vase…but it comes without saying that it is not so!

Eryngium and Helichrysium