Teamwork is fundamental not only between me and the chosen suppliers but in the first instance, between me and the couple. Pinterest has really changed the way we work by making it more fluid and faster. Sharing and commenting on the photos with the couples (ok come on... lets be honest, with the bride… the man runs away in these moments ) makes me understand what type of wedding I need to organise, the mood that they couple are looking for, the style to follow and it is this that makes the basis of the creative machine!
Where do we start? Often, couples write to me: “we are organising our wedding, but we don’t know where to start and what to expect”. Well, usually the couple start a year earlier to begin the organisation of the wedding, but this isn’t a fixed rule. I have planned weddings even in a few months or with two years available. It also depends on the type of wedding one wants, for a romantic getaway for two, even two months are enough while for a wedding with many guests, especially if they come from abroad, you need to start planning well in advance.

With Daniela and Fabian
Groom and bridesmaids

There are many things to think about: the date of the wedding, the church or the town, the guest list, the invitations, the location for the reception, the menu choice, the flowers and the arrangements, the rings, the photographer and videographer, the dress for the bride and the bridesmaids, the suit for the groom and groomsmen, the make-up and the hairstylist, the wedding favours, the cake, the music, the wedding list, the honeymoon… and all those small but important details that will make this great day truly yours. A magnificent “tour de force” especially if you live abroad and plan to get married in Italy! DON’T PANIC… as a Wedding Planner I will try to give you some advice.
Right… take some paper, pen and a calendar and let’s start with the organisation of all the details, lets create a “wedding schedule” to understand what to do and when to do it. To start, it is important to know what type of wedding you want, the style you would like to follow: whether to marry in a church or town hall, whether to organise an intimate or large wedding, whether to plan it during the day or during the evening. Even the choice of location gives the wedding a different feel and all the other derive from these initial choices.

Bridal team
Vintage VW in Gubbio
Selfie time

It is useful to prepare and follow your own “TO DO LIST”, here is an example:

  • Choose a wedding date or the month in which you wish to get married
  • Prepare a guest list and inform your wedding party so that they can put it in their calendars and make sure they are free
    • For those that live abroad, its necessary to be prepared enough in advance so that your guests are given the appropriate amount of time to book time off work, buy plane tickets and book hotels
  • Choose the church or the town hall where you will exchange your vowels
  • Organise and prepare the necessary documentation for the right times
    • The wedding documents are only valid for 6 months
    • If you live abroad there is a different process to follow
    • For those who are foreign the documentation varies according to your nationality
  • Choose the location for the wedding reception
  • Choose the photographer and videographer
    • I always send to my couple a list of photographers that I have been working with for years. These are great professionals both Italian and foreign, who manage to convey unique emotions every time and which make us relive the sensations of that day through every photograph and film shot artistically taken
  • Get lost and be submerged by the world that revolves around flowers and decorations and then create a unique project for your wedding
    • Over the years I have refined the best practice for wedding design and together with my exceptional florists we manage every time to create something different that fits perfectly with the tastes of the couple. Tailor-made creations with attention to every detail, for the choice of individual flowers that give that touch of uniqueness and delicateness
  • Plan the menu choices with the caterers
    • Remember in time to communicate any menus required for special dietary requirements – intolerances, allergies, vegetarians, vegans...
  • Start looking for the wedding dress first online then start trying them on in the wedding dress shops that you like the most. Try all the dresses you want and only when you are sure, buy it, and make the appointments for the fittings
  • Obviously, wedding shoes will have a whole space dedicated to them ;)
  • Choose the invites/save the dates to send in time to all guests
    • I always advise to send out a Save the Date, even digitally, to all the guests so they can mark the date of your wedding off in their calendars
    • This allows you the time to choose all the details, the graphics and the style of the whole set: envelopes, invitations, RSVP cards, menus, place cards…
  • Think of a wedding gift list
  • Organise your honeymoon with specialised tour operators
  • Choose the music for the ceremony and reception
    • The solutions are the most varied when it comes to music, and even in the reception it can be categorised to suit certain moments: from maybe some live music during the canapes and welcome drinks to the DJ playing after dinner
  • Set the trial dates for hair and make-up so that you get an idea of what you want for the big day
  • Plan any transfers for guests
  • Rent the wedding car: Vintage or modern?
  • Ahh the rings…that someone remembers ;)
  • The seating plan… this is one of the most fun moments for me (maybe because i dont have to make the decisions … :)
    • Two weeks before it is necessary that I have the definitive list so that i can communicate to all relevant parties

Organising all of these aspects, considering that many others will come out during the months preceding the wedding, can prove to be really tiring and exhausting. Being able to follow everything, without giving up your social life and risking breaking relationships, is not that simple.
For this reason the figure of a Wedding Planner proves to be fundamental, but not because the spouses are not able to plan a wedding on their own, but because with specialised help alongside a person who “does this job”, allows them to enjoy only the beautiful sides, without the stress attached.

San Pietro - Vatican City