I decided not to offer any pre-packaged options! My work is tailored to the couple who decide to put their faith in me to help them create their big day.

I am convinced that every wedding should be a unique moment, even if it’s a second of third wedding (as nowadays you never know), it remains a special moment that you are living in with your loved one.
And because I believe in this uniqueness, as my personal policy I do not offer pre-packaged options; you will never find on my website a section in which there is a small, medium, large or silver, golden and platinum package! I love designing personalised solutions with by couples, giving them maximum freedom of choice possible on all the services offered and proposed.
All couples are really very different from each other. Sometimes I get emails full of information, ideas…people who like to immediately share every detail they have in their minds. Other emails instead that leave me with lots of questions and doubts: “We want to have a quote for 100 people”. Stop, enough…really; I don’t want to scroll through the email looking for hidden messages written at the bottom or decipher who knows what code! They do not give me any kind of information and I will never understand why.

Corks and place cards
Mr & Mrs
Corks and place cards

I sometimes realise that the decision to put your trust in a Wedding Planner may not be easy, the mothers, sisters, aunties…all those that you are afraid of hurting or betraying by entrusting yourself to a stranger. Maybe that’s why foreign couples call me more than Italian ones. However even with Italian brides (who live abroad or in Italy) we have always managed to create a good understanding. I am often seen as the enemy, the one who stole the role of organiser from someone in the family…luckily the trend is changing. Brides today are women who work a lot and don’t have the time to devote themselves to all the more complicated aspects of organising their wedding. My job is to allow them to enjoy only the positive sides, presenting the proposals from which to choose…because remember, that the final word is up to you!
A wedding is built day after day and having an expert in this sector will allow you access to many tricks so that you can invest your budget well in the services which are more important to you. The collaboration between creativity, good taste and elegance, but above all between yours and my ideas that will create a unique and different wedding!

Walking in Villa Borghese
I introduce Mr. & Mrs. Tins
Charlie & Tim in Gubbio
Pure happiness in Campidoglio
Luca vs Claudia

Precisely because I do not like packages, the couple will choose between the services I offer and the various ideas and solutions I propose based on what they have indicated and their guidelines. You are always free to use your photographer friend, or your own trusted make-up artist, and if you have the artistic touch you can personally take care of your table decorations, invitations etc. I truly believe that at the core of an excellently organised wedding ,there must be flexibility, something that a package cannot offer, because things constantly change, because a proposed quote will be tweaked and amended over and over again before the big day.
It is normal, its physiological but it is not always obvious to find a wedding planner who decides to follow the couple on these tortuous journeys…I decided to do it, because I saw that it is the only sure way to have satisfied and happy couples!

Calla, orchids and amaranthus
Details in burgundy
Dalias, Hendrick's and old books