Italy is one of the popular places for a “Destination Wedding” and the reason is obvious enough to understand: the magnificent landscapes, the cities of art, archaeological sites to visit, the excellent cuisine combined with wines that are renowned all over the world, the culture in which we have had imbedded in our roots since the dawn of time and finally, a very special climate for the whole year. I would therefore say that all of these qualities make our country, the beautiful country, the perfect place to decide to become husband and wife.
I work a lot with foreigners who rely on me for the organisation of their wedding in Italy. These are Italian couples residing abroad or simply lovers of our traditions who choose us for their wedding. Often, they write to me “we got engaged in Italy and therefore we want our wedding to be celebrated in one of your beautiful cities”. Many want to visit at least once in their lifetime the old continent and in particular Italy: for example, Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Siena, Chianti, Umbria and therefore why not organise in the same occasion a wedding?! Some people exclude this possibility because they are afraid of the distance, do not speak the language, are afraid of the costs and do not know how to organise everything on their own. If they rely on a Wedding Planner like me, they must not have these fears because I specialise in organising wedding for foreigners in Italy.

Overlooking Chianti
San Gimignano
The towers of Volterra
Town Hall of San Gimignano
Views of Vignamaggio

And so, the organisational machine starts.
Depending on the residence and citizenship, the bureaucratic practices are different; according to the type of ceremony you want to have, it will be necessary to follow one procedure rather than another. Costs also vary, churches and municipalities each follow a different policy, which varies from city to city: there are churches with a fixed rate while others prefer a donation. The municipalities instead differ according to the room chosen for the registration and the day of the week, if at least one of the couple is a resident…some municipalities are completely free for everyone and therefore also very popular while others have really absurd costs: but obviously everyone makes their own decisions by establishing where they prefer to marry. As a Wedding Planner I can tell you what could be right for you, especially if we are facing a low budget wedding.

Cat & Ben at Villa Borghese
Katie & Oly at Borgo di Carpiano
Nik & Nettie along Lungotevere in Rome

In time you need to book not only the church or the municipality, but also the venue is among the first steps to think about, especially if you want to get married during a weekend, while during the week the possibilities increase, as well as if you choose a month that doesn’t fall in the high season from May to October. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to think about all the documentation for ceremonies that have a legal holding, I will be happy to organise a symbolic ceremony for you. In this case, you only need to choose a space you are happy with to arrange the chairs and the floral arrangements that will make the backdrop to your I DO!

Keely & Ben at Villa Le Piazzole
Paulina and Phillip at Volterra

For Destination Weddings it is necessary to move in advance, allowing guests to organise their holidays, to buy plane tickets in advance and to book hotels without haste. Many guests will take advantage of your wedding to treat themselves to a nice holiday in Italy; in fact, it often happens that once the celebrations are over, guests also visit other Italian cities, organising a nice tour! I am always available not only for the couple but also for their guests: transfers to and from the airport or station, hotel reservations, purchasing tickets for tours or museums! Welcome to Italy, my country!!!