An intercontinental wedding for this couple who live in Argentina, but chose Italy to celebrate their wedding, surrounded by friends and relatives.

27 April 2019

This is one of the weddings that I have had the pleasure of organising only with the groom, expertly (of course) directed behind the scenes by a truly splendid bride (because it goes without saying that behind every great from there is simply her, THE BRIDGE… the boss, she who decides).
Emiliano and Ana loved the idea of having a romantic wedding with only a few friends, something intimate in a “cool” place. Rome proved to be the most obvious choice for them, lovers of the city which they were already familiar with but also because a close friend of theirs lived just a stone’s throw away from the centre and worked by chance at the Argentina Church. Oh yes, he is a priest and it was he who officiated the wedding mass in the fabulous setting of the Chiesa di Sant’Andrea al Celio. Asking them: “what was the vision of your wedding” the answer given painted a smile on my face: “exactly as it was, unforgettable. Before, during and after the ceremony everything was perfect: the moments of waiting, the church, the photo shoot, the reception at the Hotel Splendid and the dinner at the Mirabelle… everything was excellent”.

Being a wedding for 15 people, I suggested the Church of Sant’Andrea to the couple because it is very intimate and perfect for the ceremony with few guests. The decorations, curated by Momento Magico, went perfectly with the colours of the frescoes. The wedding was very relaxed thanks to their friend the priest who managed to make it truly moving. Once the signatures and group photos were finished, Emiliano and Ana got in an old Fiat 500 driven by Andrea Pescetelli were they were taken around Rome, to discover its most beautiful corners. During the wait, we organised a welcome drink for the guests at Harry’s Bar in Via Veneto, so that the guests could relax, nibbling something and drinking to pass the time. At around 7pm the couple re-joined the group and all together we left for the Mirabelle.
They had preferred to hire out the room exclusively, giving all the guests a truly incomparable view of Rome that satisfies the eyes as well as the soul. The sunset made everything more beautiful, colouring the sky with warm and enveloping colours. In this sweet adventure the couple entrusted Max D’Alessandro who followed them from the preparation phase to the arrival at the restaurant. Emiliano and Ana had fun around Rome and winked at the camera. Working like this is always nice and easy; weddings happen where the couple do not want to work with the photographer, they are resistant to be photographed, they put up a impenetrable shield and then there is little to be done; luckily this was not the case! The opposite…