A refined and elegant wedding, a sweet and warm couple, an incredible family! I loved organising this event because I discovered an extraordinary bride and woman!

2 June 2018

The Italian origins of the bride meant that this wedding was celebrated in Italy, specifically in Rome, also the groom absolutely insisted on good food and therefore the choice was decidedly mandatory 😉.
An elegant and sophisticated wedding, with a care in the choice of the details that made it truly impeccable. To all brides who are willing to organise a Destination Wedding, the suggestion is always the same: hire a Wedding Planner that can help you not only with the suppliers, but above all regarding the paperwork and the documentation necessary for the civil ceremony or the religious church ceremony.
Rosanna and Jozsef chose the church of San Bartolomeo all’isola, therefore we are talking about the Tiber Island, right in front of Trastevere in the heart of Rome. The church was a triumph of flowers, hydrangeas, lisianthus, peonies …all strictly white but with only a hint of colour which was strongly desired by the bride: peach roses! I entrusted Adriano Ceccotti and his team with the splendid floral arrangements both for the church and the reception and the bride was overwhelmed by them. I trust him implicitly and I know that even without my supervision, the work will be done flawlessly. Among the most vivid and exciting memories of the bride, is the walk down the church isle, walking on her father’s arm towards Jozsef, surrounded by tall glass vases topped with rich floral compositions that made the church even more beautiful .

The couple had chosen, even before getting to know me, the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, which however, as often happens, being a hotel, has very strict regulations or offer little flexibility; nevertheless, we managed to make the wedding couple’s dream come true…I still remember how essential it was for Rosanna to fill the room with lights, the veranda with lights and to surprise the groom when cutting the cake with bright firework fountains… Jozsef loves above all fairy lights and fireworks. And so, the cut of a magnificent 5-storey cake was framed between two olive trees wrapped in a blanket full of fairy lights and as a backdrop, an explosion of truly magical fireworks.
An exceptional dream team followed me in this fascinating adventure: Chiara Ridolfi from Nabis immortalised it all on film (no, we can no longer use this saying…) every moment, since the morning when all the bridesmaids and the bride were getting their hair and make-up done by Giorgia Bertoldi and her staff. A festive atmosphere had been created in the bride’s suite, surrounded by joy, love and total happiness. Mum, sisters, her best friends… never left her alone, thus easing the stress that slowly grew with the approaching time to leave the hotel. I have wonderful memories related to this wedding, one that stands out being when we went for an ice cream on the Tiber Island, when we went with the couple and the bridal team to see the church and the reception venue… we met like that and since then a friendship was born that continues today and of which I am immensely happy!