Ceremony at Villa Lais and reception at Antica Pesa; combo eccellente per questa coppia di sposi squisita.

12 May 2017

Rick and Lucy live in Leeds but they love Italy tremendously…if you take a look at their social media accounts you will notice how many times they delight in eating in Italian restaurants and travel far and wide throughout our enchanting beautiful country. They chose Rome to celebrate their wedding, on a beautiful spring day, flooded by a warm sun that made the day really pleasant. They had chosen Villa Lais, an unusual choice for those who organise a Destination Wedding as they usually opt for a the more famous Roman municipal halls: The Sala Rossa in Campidoglio and the church Sconsacrata a Caracalla. Villa Lais instead turned out to be a real gem, surrounded by greenery, small and very intimate, for weddings that do not have a large number of guests…therefore perfect for Rick and Lucy, surrounded by close family and friends. Lucy, with her high heels, arrived in a vintage Fiat500 driven by my incomparable friend Andrea Pescetelli. The ceremony took place and was full of enthusiasm and joy. Especially as they are a couple who are so bubbly and full of life.

Still on board the same vintage car, the newlyweds went “On a drive” around the old historic streets of the city, allowing their eyes to fill up with the beauty that only Rome offers with so much abundance. The Capitolium, the Ara Coeli steps ,the colosseum , the roman forum… are just some of the views that form the backdrop to the photo shoot taken by Max D’Alessandro, with whom I have been working with for many years! A highly professional photographer, with his spontaneous shots always of the highest level.
Whilst the newlyweds had fun discovering the city, guests enjoyed the sites of Trastevere waiting for the scheduled time to meet up with everyone at the historic restaurant Antica Pesa, where a table set up just for them allowed them to live another magical experience: eating Italian , traditional Roman cuisine, in an excellent restaurant, delicious and renowned all over the world. What else could you want?
Planning this wedding was a lot of fun, I found I was really in sync with the newlyweds and upon their arrival in Italy they gave me a “fabulous wedding planner” bag, with a lot of gifts inside including a terrible item of food which I’m not sure even what it is, which is loved by Lucy and with good reason hated by Rick. He had warned me not to eat it because it would be horrendous…and it was so: so bad…enough to make you sick… we still laugh every time we tell it.