Nick and Nettie, simply them, no one else to celebrate this truly romantic wedding under the dome of the Temple of Diana, in Villa Borghese.

20 November 2017

Many coupes decide not to share their big day with anyone, family or friends. I plan all the details for their sweet and romantic love escape. When they return home to their country, they often organise a second party, with all their friends, but the most important day, the day on which we look each other in the eye and exchange our vowels, they do not want anyone else’s eyes around.
When I talk of this people are often surprised and wonder how they could do it, how sad it is. They think that without anyone to share this day with it would not be unique and unforgettable. Instead I can guarantee you that it is all very authentic; true and full of great emotion and that I have seen many more tears in moments of this kind than in the weddings celebrated in St Pauls Basilica.
Nick and Nettie decided to get married here in Italy, choosing the eternal city of Rome on a cold but sunny Novembers day. They confirmed me as their wedding planner months before to be able to plan all the details calmly and tranquilly. I must say that these two took the lead with their wedding… from preparation to the end of the day. In their looks you could see the great love and the desire to do everything together.

The organisation of a wedding is a team effort and above all for a Destination Wedding I would say that it is important to trust your Wedding Planner: remember that it is a team effort and with great suppliers it becomes a dream team. For Nick and Nettie there was Max D’Alessandro as photographer and Fulvio Greco as videographer. From first thing in the morning we went to the apartment that the couple had rented for a few days. I remember still Nettie who was finishing her make up in the bathroom whilst I helped Nick fix his handkerchief and boutonniere. After I helped the bride with her dress we left, and the magic begun to unfold thanks to the beauty of Rome. Autumn gave the city a magical beauty: the eyes needed to be filled, even for just a moment, with all the wonder that dwells inside Rome. Andrea Pescetelli in his vintage Fiat 500 , took the couple around the centre, then went to Villa Borghese for the symbolic ceremony. The officiant celebrated the ritual while the curious tourists and runners stopped to congratulate and greet the newlyweds. Once the rings were exchanged, the photo shoot bought Nick and Nettie to the Colosseum, the Palatine Forum, and along the Tiber to Castel Sant’Angelo.