Indonesian traditions that mix with Italian culture… a truly unique Destination Wedding, celebrated in the splendid setting of Villa dei Quintili.

14 February 2014

Most weddings are always organised with the Bride, but in this case the bride was engaged on the other side of the world in Indonesia whilst the groom was in Europe for work; and so my point of reference has always been him.
Haikal and with him the sweet Linda. A truly exceptional couple was the lead in the most colourful and traditional weddings ever. My friend and photographer Max D’Alessandro, who was with them from the morning, still considers it one of the best days ever.
The day chosen for the wedding had been decided by a very close aunt, crossing over a few dates which I do not remember: Valentine’s day, February 14th, 2014. Among the various venues proposed, suitable for their number of guests and perfect for a winter wedding, they chose the magnificent Villa dei Quintili. I love working in this venue, of which I have now become a close friend of the owners, Daniele and Daniela Fiorucci. It is their home and you can feel that, because unlike the many cool and lifeless villas on the market, Villa dei Quintili knows how to embrace you and make you fall in love. During the stages of the organisation I was pregnant with my last-born Emma and during the wedding she was also present, a real mascot, passed from arm to arm, happy and amazed! Linda and Haikal have proven to be truly precious, sweet and friendly people…. with whom we still manage to keep in touch with often.
The wedding agenda had a little twist compared to the classic timeline that is usually followed: in the morning around 10:30, after the preparations, the couple were blessed by their parents and in a vintage Fiat 500, driven by my unparalleled friend Andrea Pescetelli, they went to discover the centre of Rome for their photo shoot

Once the shoot was over, the couple arrived at the Villa, refreshed for a moment, the bride had retired to the room with her bridal team and the make-up artist to get a touch up before the big walk. The guests had been welcomed in the Villa around midday and whilst waiting they had the opportunity to have a welcome drink and enjoy it in the garden, under a splendid sun which gave us a warm and perfect day to watch the spectacular Norcia flag throwing display in the park.
One of the best moments was the ceremony, officiated in the winter garden. The bows, the kisses on the forehead, the folded hands; respect for one’s parents was revealed through gestures that respected an ancient tradition. It really was emotional.
The canapes and then the lunch were served impeccably as well as the very high level of fresh produce prepared ad hoc by the kitchen team, they served delicious dishes to the tables. Even the pastries were all fresh and the pastry chef came out to finish decorating the cake with the newlyweds. They were passed the piping bag, berries and were given free rein to use their imagination. The Everglades Band enchanted everyone with the enthralling music that was the soundtrack for the entire reception… and then when it was time for the photo shoot, they all went wild, having fun without limits.