A Destination Wedding in Florence for this English couple, who chose Italy to give their relatives and close friends an out of the ordinary week!!

17 June 2017

Keely and Ben live in Manchester and I still remember that I could not meet with them to see the chosen venue, because a very bad case of the flu had me blocked in bed for ten days ( I remember having to send an assistant to a wedding because I could not stand up… but this is another story). I was saying, Keely and Ben an English couple who live in Manchester and who eighteen months before their wedding started to organise everything so they could choose all the best suppliers calmly. They wanted to have family and friends with them, together to celebrate more than just the wedding day, but an entire week…it was a real “wedding holiday” that allowed guests to enjoy the city whilst also discovering the neighbouring landscapes.
They fell in love with Italy during a Mediterranean cruise and coupled with my suggestions chose Florence. Initially they were looking for Rome but based on their desire to want to be together for a week, I offered them other possibilities and so they opted for Villa le Piazzole in Firenze. To my unfailing question “how do you see and imagine your wedding?” the answer was very clear and precise. A traditional religious ceremony, a reception with a particular setting, rigorously Italian food, moving speeches and a band that made everyone dance! The couple wanted to show their thanks to all those who had followed them on this Italian adventure. I would say that we succeeded in full to satisfy the couple’s dreams. The Certosa di Firenze is a splendid setting for the ceremony in the church, even without decorations it is simply magnificent; a wedding coordinated for 11:30am, to then be able to enjoy the whole day for the reception.

I was unable to attend the ceremony, but my staff were there in the church whilst I was busy with Claudia Sessa with the arrangements at the Villa. But thanks to my dream team made of BenniCarol photography, Fulvio Greco Films and Fabio Amicucci I was able to relive it all!!!
The venue allowed all guests to spend the night together and to share their holiday with joint events and activities that were organised in the different areas the villa has to offer: wine and oil tastings in the cellar where Villa Le Piazzole has its production; a rehearsal dinner, a day dedicated to learning to make pizza to then obviously eat them!
The couple loved the fact that the reception and accommodation was in the same place, because it allowed them great flexibility above all for those who had children or those wanting to change their clothes or perhaps rest a little and take a nap.
With Keely and Ben, we prepared a “wedding brochure” indicating the programme for the week and the times for the wedding day: a nice memory that the guests returned to the UK with as a nice memento. I also set up a table for them in memory of the groom’s father, which included a nice photograph, his favourite cigars and his bottle of whiskey. A very important gesture for them as they wanted to feel him close during their big day…and so Ben together with his closest friends, in the afternoon gathered around the photo of his father and relaxed smoking a cigar and taking a drink together in his memory.
Welcome drinks by the pool, lunch in the orangery, cake and dancing in the amphitheatre… a full day enlivened by the Bit Band until sunset!