A fabulous couple chooses a truly remarkable venue to celebrate their ceremony and reception on a splendid October day.

5 October 2014

Giorgia and Josè… what a wedding guys and in what a venue!
I love the Abbey of Sant’Andrea in Flumine, a magical place on the Tiber Valley, which allows us to celebrate both the civil and religious ceremony in its different venue spaces and then the reception to follow. There is little to do, the convenience of not having to move is undeniable, when obviously we have the opportunity to do so, and this venue offers it.
Giorgia e Josè met in London, although neither of them were born there but chose it as a home for their future. We met at the Abbey, which they had already fallen in love with by seeing it online and once they saw it, they planned how each moment of their big day would take place, and so it was.
The bridesmaids all coordinated, waited for the bride in front of the entrance of the ancient abbey church where José and his witnesses were also. Giorgia arrived aboard a vintage WV camper van, a milk and green colour, a classic 😉 On her cousin’s arm she descended the steps of the church where José was waiting for her with the bouquet in his hands, very emotional. Just think, the priest who celebrated their wedding was the same priest who in London was with them to do their pre-marriage course and then he had been transferred back to Italy! This made the ceremony very intimate and personal, moving and full of joy…in short, definitely not boring, like the bubbles that welcomed the newlyweds outside the church: magical!

The exceptional photographers who followed Giorgia and José are the Bohemian Weddings who gave us a superb photo shoot whilst Fulvio Greco Films introduced us to the background of this magnificent wedding. After the ceremony, the couple went around the villages close to the Abbey, while the guests enjoyed the welcome drinks and welcome buffet set up by Beatrice Rossi from Tonino da Cortona Catering. A sunny, warm and non-muggy day made the reception unforgettable, full of fun and lightness. The Musicarancio Band entertained the guests by making them dance relentlessly and cheering every moment; I still remember that for the bride it was essential that band singers could sing well in Portuguese, being that the groom had a love and good ear for that kind of music and Laura Ciocchetti was incredible.
The whole set-up was in a country chic theme: the naked tables, the wildflowers, the antique furniture, the naked wedding cake. And then for the wedding table we created a really fun corner! A polaroid in exchange for your name plate to find out where you were sat at the table…so we got pictures of everyone!! Then at dusk, each lady kindly took advantage of the blankets made available by the bride and sat on the lawn to watch a truly unique video montage.