Destination Wedding in Umbria, from Puerto Rico to Italy to exchange their vowels in the fantastic and evocative picture frames that Umbria always gives us.

16 July 2018

Delis and Vladimir found me online and after a quick exchange of emails they immediately entrusted me with the task of organising their wedding. They had spotted a truly enchanting location on the internet, immersed in the heart of Umbria: Tenuta di Cappaneto, hired for a whole week for them and their guests. Surrounded by greenery and fields of sunflowers as far as the eye can see. I will leave you to imagine how it was in August…they were at the peak of their splendour.
July 16th, 2018… the sun decided to start fighting with some grey clouds that afternoon and I remember with terror the effort that my staff and I had to do to move all the set-up from where we had already begun all the preparations outside to the room inside. The lights, the lanterns, the hanging frames…but above all the tables and chairs! Mamma mia…we had to dismantle everything and get it all back inside! When time is off the essence, I always prefer to secure the dinner by bringing it inside, whilst for the welcome drinks we can leave that to the last minute. This decision paid off, because in the middle of dinner a nice summer rain shower came down. It is never nice when all that you imagined and dreamed of , the table set up in the park, under the trees adorned in fairy lights, that made us immerse in a day dream fades, and then forces you to run and fall back inside, because it is the sky that commands and we are forced to go with what nature decides.

A few minutes from the estate is the Basilica della Madonna del Transito di Canoscio; splendid to say the least and from which you can enjoy above all a view that leaves you breathless. The wedding was celebrated at 4:30pm…the perfect time to see the sun colouring the beautiful mountains that surrounded this sacred and historical place. The view was crazy, the temperature pleasant and company was simply perfect. Welcomed by a harp and flute duo that made the atmosphere magical, during the ceremony the bride also sang and dedicated the song to her husband which created a very romantic atmosphere. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this moment…I was busy at the estate with my florist Antonella Cricchi and her staff completing the final preparations of the tables. But thanks to my dream team, consisting of BenniCarol photography and Fulvio Greco Films, I am able to relive every moment of this splendid wedding.
Once back in the villa aboard a vintage beetle, the guests and the newlyweds completely relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The moment of the speeches was truly touching and moving. The whole day was full of great emotions. Everyone seemed happy! Everyone danced and had fun including those who had never danced. The DJ, Musicarancio (my music agency), immediately captured the mood of the night by making this beautiful group of Puerto Ricans dance…the children never stopped dancing. Then the throwing of the bouquet and the garter closed the evening on a high note!
When the curtains close I can finally relax again, an incredible email arrives, a thank you so great that I couldn’t hold back a few tears (you can read it In full in the testimonials), because I realised that all the efforts and the few hours of sleep have allowed the creation of a dream, their dream!!!