Chianti with its colours and scents was the ideal setting for a sophisticated and refined wedding like that of this Romanian couple, who surrounded themselves only with their closest friends.

20 May 2016

Andreea and Paul…I think one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to…something unique; the care with which the bride thought of all the details; from the choice of flowers to the individual antiques that would go to creating the dinner set up; from the choice of the musical pieces to the personalisation of the text of the ceremony… a painstaking work that then brought the couple and their guests to the maximum level of satisfaction. After the first exchange of emails, we had a two-day site inspection with the couple around Umbria and Tuscany. The number of guests to attend were always fluctuating, however there was the certainty that it would not be a large number, because the couple wanted to surround themselves only with those closest to them. The venue that made them fall in love was immersed in the hills of Chianti, Villa Vignamaggio, producers among other things of excellent oils and wines that they used during the wedding dinner.
Andreea and Paul decided to organise a symbolic ceremony, thus avoiding the quarrels relating to the necessary documentation for a civil ceremony. The bride inserted some very touching texts within the centre of the promises, which made us guests cry… ah I forgot we were (my husband and I) official guests. We were eight in all, sitting at a table expertly decorated and set up by Claudia Sessa who I will never stop thanking for her patience during this event.

I still remember the musical notes that played when the door was opened, Andreea revealed herself and Paul could not withhold his emotion which obviously overwhelmed all of us guests too…confirmed by a valley of tears! Once the commotion had calmed the ceremony started, allowing Paul and Andreea to become husband and wife.
Once the ceremony was over, we guests had a buffet set up on an ancient desk, full of every delicacy…among these Andreea had wanted large ice-cream waffle cones, rich in fresh seasonal fruit to then put fresh ice-cream on top, which was supplied by a vintage cart which was at our disposal without limit. At the end of the photo shoot we started to play. I had brought “garden games” with the bride’s indication, so that we could entertain ourselves before dinner: giant Mikado, cricket and bowling. At dusk we changed our clothes and sat at this beautifully decorated ancient table. Each chair was different from the other, carefully chosen silver and porcelain. The colour of the flowers had been selected and strongly desired. In short, nothing had been left to chance.
The dinner prepared in a fresh buffet style from Vignamaggio was simply perfect…the music played made us dance until late and when we then turned off the lights, each of us was aware of having lived one of these perfect days that will be fixed in your memory forever. A really immense thanks also goes to this great photographer, who gave us some wonderful shots: Alex Paul Photography.