Your wedding planner

I'm a licensend and professional Wedding Planner; I have the fortune to work and live in the eternal city, Rome. After the degree in Sience of Communication and a master in Planning Event and Wedding, I decided to create my agency, Veronica Regis Italian Wedding Planner, to satisfy the requests of spouses respecting the budget and help.
My first wedding was with a French couple and the second one come from Norway and then from all over Europe and not only. And so, year-by-year, I acquire more experience in organizing the weddings for foreign couples that love Italy: today it is not impossible and difficult to get married in Italy with my help. Thanks to my work, the spouses arrive relaxed at the great day, especially if they do not live in Italy! I always follow on my own the couple in all necessisities, understanding their wishes that make their marriage unique. My support can be requested in every moment of the planning of the marriage and where you prefer to get married. I can only coordinate the great day organized by you, so you can enjoy every emotion without stress; or I can plan the wedding from the first days.
Every wedding is a unique moment, for this reason I do not love to offer pre-determined wedding packages but I arrange personalized marriages. I do not impose any services but I try to understand what the mos impornat aspects for the couple.

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