Most beautiful moments

Giorgia & Gabriele

A funny and exciting city chic wedding.
Great attention to details, all strictly
"green apple".

Laura & Marco

An incredible couple for an
incredibile country chic wedding, spent with family and close friends.

Alexia & Philippe

Rome marries Paris.
A marriage of class in a historical location
on the anciant Appian way.

From Florence with love

In order to discover this magnificent
location surronded by nature
just a few miles from downtown.

Marta & Davide

A chic wedding in the Umbria countriside, following the nuance from light pink to purple.

Backstage of wedding

The backstage of the wedding of
Marco and Laura.

Mathilde & Jonathan

A luxury wedding really unique, in a Palace of the heart of Rome! The dream for the newlyweds and their 220 guest.


Little big details.

Janne & Cosimo

Norway marries Italy.
An elegant and class wedding
in an amazing location.

The "Wedding Cakes"

The real protagonist of the reception; beautiful but over all very good.