The time of the wedding cake

Also in Italy the trend of the English or American style for the wedding is arrived, but they still look it with suspicion. The Italian gastronomic tradition is famous around the world and the Italians, that love this new type to made the cake, wanted especially that the cake was good and not only amazing! Several times only the tasting with my pastry, convinced the bride to choose this type of cake.


Wedding Cake-05
Photo by Mich Turner-Little Venice Cake Company


The wedding cake is the really protagonist of the reception, indeed in many country like Uk or America, the cake is present in the hall of the reception; any guests can see it, always! In Italy is not the same; the cake arrived after the lunch or the dinner for the cut, and then finish. But for a lucky case, this summer during a funny/crazy wedding for a fantastic couple, Valentina e Stefano, the wedding cake was composed by a great Italian pastry under the eyes of many guests, outdoor of the hall to smoke a cigarette. Four tiers of white cake and any plan with a different and sophisticated décor… really very amazing! When all other guests went out of, instead of cutting the cake, the couple took part in a game organized by a dear friend. In this way, the cake was the frame for this funny moment and every people could enjoy long ... and then eat it.


Wedding Cake-06
Photo by Veronica Regis Wedding Planner


There is a world behind the wedding cakes: a world of stuffing, a world of decorations that follow the style that the spouses choose for their wedding. In base at my experience, I saw that while the Italian choose the English style cake, with 3 or 4 tiers, with a simple or more complicated decoration, the foreign newlyweds ask me the cake of the Italian tradition. And so no lemon card, orange cream, ganasche of chocolate, white chocolate or fondant, butter, lime and cocco cream, but Mimosa, Millefoglie, Charlot and Profitterolles.



Photo by Mich Turner-Little Venice Cake Company and Wedding Flower Magazine






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