The spouses's themes for their weddings

Sometimes the spouses search to follow a particular them for their wedding, chosen in base at their passions, their dreams, their future. And so any details will follow this theme, like the tableau, the wedding cake, the stationery.

Leafing the magazine You & Your Wedding, that my friend brought me from Edinburgh, I fell in love of the theme that Gemma and Joe chosen for their reception: “time travellers”.

They choose to transport all their relatives and friends in a time trip in a vintage style.


The tableau inside the case: an old map covers the interior, aged pictures and old roses give a vintage tone. The names of the tables are hung at three stands of rope, with small springs; while at the handle there is the final destination of this trip: Paradise! Even more romantic are the wedding rings attached to the type label.
Great success for thier stationary: airmail inspired table names, places the couple had visited together, and place cards.

The wedding cake emphasizes the passion of the spouses for the travel. The bottom tier of thier wedding cake looked like a battered old suitcase with labeles of place they have visited. On the top there is a "new suitcase", with the destination of their honeymoon: Galapagos Islands! 

For the gift for friends and family, instead of the usual favours, they have packaged small bottles of aromatic gin with a label very nice and very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland: "Drink me!".


Photo by You & Your Wedding


About “my weddings” with “my spouses”, for Alexia and Philippe, I created a wonderful marine tableau, with corals, shells, sand and blue and white cords: the theme was the name of the most beautifulI Islands of the world. The same work I did for the place cards and the name of the tables.


Mathilde and Jonathan, after the wedding have gone to live in New York and so their theme was New York City with some its typical symbols. The tableau is was big map of the Metro, where the most important stops was the name of the tables: Manhattan for the newlyweds. The place cards was the metro tickets, with every name of guest is handwritten; and on each the table, under the mark tables, there was a green apple!


Photo by Veronica Regis Wedding Planner

Giorgia and Gabriele don’t have a theme but a protagonist colour: the green apple! This colour is everywhere: on the booklet of ceremony, for the décor of the romantic tableau and mark tables, based on the Shakespeare’s sonnets (desired by the groom). The same colour for the ribbon on the gift for the guests, for the flowers of the wedding cake, for the sand to décor the table for the confettata.


Photo by Veronica Regis Wedding Planner