“The importance of being a flower"


The flowers have become, years by years, more and more important during the great day of wedding.
That attention for these miracles of the Nature is incredible: the flowers are no longer used simply for the centrepieces and the buffet; not only to set the benches of the guests, of the spouses and the altar of the priest. No… there is a design behind; a study that wants the flowers of the buttonhole of the groom in style with the bouquet of the bride; a flower protagonist who rule over the whole day; floral details on the table of the confettata, a little gift for your guests like place cards.


Style Wedding-01
Photo by Shabby Chic Interiors

My love for the flowers was born with this work… I’ve always been a lover of the cut flowers, but the work of wedding planner and attend the market flowers, helped me to discover a unique world.
The British magazines are my primary source of inspiration; and immediately after the bride, with them crazy research on the Internet, we can always find something of new and original.
When you, spouses, decide a style for your wedding, also the flowers must follow. And so, for example, for a shabby chic wedding, the colours will be warm, soft and the composition ethereal and impalpable. Flowers, roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, hyacinths ... aviaries, wrought iron chandeliers, balls of flowers, lanterns! Every detail, even the smallest, followed by the desired style for the wedding.

Dark Flowers The lover of the strong colours, can do like my Christam Bride, that for any floral composition has chosen only roses in a mix of nuance, passing from the dark red of the gran prix, to the yellow until the soft pink.
An intimate wedding for 12 guests, setting around the imperial table in one of the most luxury restaurant of Rome: 2 big candlesticks with 5 fires or a Martini cup, both decorated with a sphere of roses? We shall see!


But the only fix point, not only mine, but also of the florists my partners, is suggest and use only the seasonal flowers: will be fresher, lighter and longer, a way to save the planet and for the wedding low cost, to save the money.
Several florists reassure brides with false promises, delivering dramatic bouquet. I prefer to advice in time the brides. I’ve sometimes a bride which decided the date of their wedding in base at the season of flowers; often happens with the magnificent peonies, present only for a limited period. Much better doing with the hydrangeas (together with peonies are my favourite flowers), that we can find from the spring until mid-summer with shades of breathtaking.