The Ceremony

The ceremony is the crucial moment of the wedding, without which there would be not a marriage; also during the symbolic ceremony, the spouses are excited and moved. The exchange of rings, the kiss, “I declare you husband and wife", the throw of rice… with a simple gesture joined your life with that of another person. And you can choose the frame where you can exchange this gesture and also the details that will make it all yours.


For the civil ceremony you choose among the wonderful halls that the Town Halls offer, in a classic, renaissance or baroque style, deconsecrated churches or Castel on the beach or theatres. I can take care of all documents necessary for the ceremony and the booking of the hall.


Sposarsi in Campidoglio 01    Sposarsi in Campidoglio 02Photo by Veronica Regis Wedding Planner


Any wedding is unique, sometimes also for the documentation, if one of the newlyweds is divorced, foreigner, or Italian but resident abroad. Any case has its solution; it is important that any details is reported, in this way the whole process can be implemented in accordance with the time required.
Years by year the couples try to personalize the civil ceremony, with little details that follow the style wanted for their wedding. There is an increasing demand for the booklet to give more romanticism at this type of ceremony. The freedom to can exchange the promise handwritten by you, choose the music that you prefer (of all kinds) for the best moments, little gift for your guests; the care of the details is not prerogative of the religious ceremony, also at the Town Hall you can show your touch.


Religious ceremony. The opportunities for the catholic and mix marriage are many: from the little villages of coutryside at the historical churches of the “city of art” like Rome, Florence and Assisi, but also a little jewellers like Castelgandolfo, Orvieto and Siena. But also the Synagogue for the Jewish wedding or the Anglican Church for those who are the protestant ; I can take care of the documents and the booking of the church.


Sant'Andrea al Celio
Photo by Veronica Regis Wedding Planner

For those who follow the other religious faith, please send me an email to:
The necessary documents can change but for all faith (maybe with few exceptions) must be the firsts religious wedding for both spouses.
The preparation of the church will be choice with my florist, always ready to offer the best solution in base at your taste and budget, unless they are contrary with the direction of the place of worship.
Tapestry with the colour that your prefer, a profusion of flower or minimal composition, booklet for the ceremony, sachets for the throw of rice, sacred music played and sung… your dreams are free to fly!


The Symbolic Ceremony give you the freedom to choose where get married without limits; at the venue of reception, at the lake or the beach; in mountain or at the vineyard in Umbria or Tuscany and why not, at your home. The preparation will be curated by me with the invaluable help of my assistance and the florist.
Flowers, texture, candles, ribbons… free the fantasy.
Small gazebos or arches of flowers will frame the magic moment of “yes”, the exchange of rings and promises, the speeches of friends and relatives. Music, bridesmaid, throw of rise… all will be planned carefully. I can provide an officiant who will marry you.


Cerimonia simbolica
Photo by Veronica Regis Wedding Planner